Listed are some of our used equipment including rotary mowers and sidearms.

We have many more coming in soon!

Please call (306) 782-4055 for any inquires.
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Call: 306 782 4055
Coming soon many new used products including mowers (Degelman, Schulte, Bush Hog) and many used Degelman Sidearms.

Keep checking the site for new posts or give us a call to book used equipment that meets your price range and quality. 
Degelman 1820 Sidearm ​- Call for price
    Six rotary mowers for sale all in working condition and in ranges from $9000 - $15,500. Parts available from where you're buying it and we stand by them to work. Mowers feature heavy duty OMNI gear boxes, long lasting forged 5'' blades, walking axles, and high impact steel. These mowers are the toughest in the market and show it by how good they look after all this use.

15` Degelman REV 1500 Mowers

15` Bush Hog 3615 Mower