The Profile Packer/Roller
The Most Advanced Grader Mounted Packer/Roller on the Market!

Continuous compaction ensures a smooth, uniform driving surface. The result is a driving surface that stands up to the impact of weather and traffic. Continuous compaction results in fewer trips per maintenance mile per year. You will reduce your grader usage by 25-30% annually – saving you time, fuel and repairs.

The Profile frame has three main pivot points located at the rear of the front frame. Each pivot point is linked via hardened steel pins and bushing to an arm assembly that is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder and central Pressure Relief System for down pressure control. Each of the three link arms is then attached to a walking beam. Each walking beam has two 6000 lb double-ended spindle and hub assemblies, complete with 14-ply smooth roller tires attached to each end. The Frame design enables you to follow the contour of the road by diverting oil from one hydraulic cylinder to another via the hydraulic pressure relief system.

The Profile is attached directly to the rear of the grader, the lift assembly frame comes with a standard 24-inch offset. Available options are a quick attach plate and front steering pivot plate. 
 Greater Productivity

    - Handy Hitch Grader Mounted Packer/Rollers are tough, durable and highly mobile.
    - Conserve moisture during road maintenance in dry spells.
    - Seal moisture out of a newly crowned road in a wet spell.
    - During new road construction compacting each lift of material to make a solid base.
    - When maintaining the road, each lift can be tightly packed to make a safe traveling road surface.
    - Move up a gear. The Packer/Roller stabilizes the grader.
    - 75", 90" and 120" widths available.

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