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Erosion Control

The ADS erosion control family of storm water management products improves water quality by promoting vegetation and providing erosion protection in channels and on slopes.
Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs)
Erosion control blankets are available in numerous varieties, including excelsior, straw, straw/coconut, and coconut which are confined by netting stitched together. ECBs hold soil and seed in place until the vegetation is able to establish. The blankets decay over time as the vegetation establishes. 
When a permanent rolled erosion control product is needed to provide vegetation with two or three times its normal erosion protection, a turf reinforcement mat is used. TRMs are composed of permanent synthetic materials to provide immediate erosion protection, rapid vegetation growth and long term erosion protection. TRMs are preferred environmental alternatives to hard armour in the protection of drainage ditches, open channels, steep slopes, and detention basins.
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