In extreme scarifying applications, VBLTM CARBITTM Blades and Tips are the clear choice.
VALLITETM heat treated (thru-hardened) blades with replaceable carbide tips offer the best performance for scarifying roads. A variety of rotating and fixed (non-rotating) tips are available to tailor this product to any application. The CARBITTM system is available in different sizes to suit all sizes of OEM machines.

VBL applied tungsten carbide matrix (TCMTM), hard facing or strips of hardened plate (VALSTRIP TM) are available as options to prevent premature base material wear “washout”.
Safety: 30lb (12.5kg), 12” (305mm) segments are safe and easy for one person to handle, helping to reduce injury. The sectional design also makes storage easier for applications where scarifying is only done at certain times of the year.

Rigidity: Locking sectional design eliminates joints between blades making for a more rigid installation.

Wear: Segments and locks are forged and heat treated for strength. Tungsten Carbide Matrix (TCM) wear protection comes as standard for the best possible wear life.

Bits*: The VBL™ TAPER-LOCK™ tool brings non-rotating bits to the next level with an extremely secure mounting system that ensures easy removal of bits even after years of use.

*Also available with a full range of standard 7/8” (22mm) rotating and non-rotating bits.

VBL heat treated parts are warranted against breakage throughout the useable life of the part.

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​When safety and performance are critical choose VBL™ locking, sectional, forged, heat-treated CARBIT™ system. CARBIT LINK™.
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Valley Blades Ltd began operations in 1962 as a small manufacturing facility in Cambridge Ontario.

In 1976 the original Cambridge manufacturing facility was closed and the company moved its headquarters to Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, where the plant sits today.

In 1977 Valley Blades Ltd. expanded its facilities and its market by building a 15,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This facility has since grown to become an integral part of Valley Blade's manufacturing and Distribution System.

Today Valley Blades Ltd manufactures high quality cutting edges and snow plow blades for any OEM machine servicing the municipal, construction and heavy machinery markets. The Waterloo plant currently occupies in excess of 65,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space.

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