Cut Where You've Never Cut Before
Wide Open Access

Operators access components without tools in seconds making routine maintenance easy. Wide open shielding has two doors that swing open at least180 degrees, and is around all input and output shafts
Sidearm Advantage

With the Degelman Sidearm an operator can cut where it's never been possible to cut before and safely. The operator can stay on the road and position the cutter 50 degrees on either side of the road.Cut from the right, the left or straight back. 
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The Degelman 1820 Sidearm
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Since 1962, Degelman Industries has pioneered the perfect balance of engineered toughness and intelligent design. The result is outstanding equipment that exceeds expectations and outperforms. They achieve this through meticulous design and vigilant customer service. Every day, the designers in their state-of-the-art research and development facility work tirelessly to provide new and innovative solutions to fit the ever-growing need of performance, quality and durability for today's agricultural and industrial equipment. And their Customer Service Centre's goal is to make sure customers are taken care of no matter how long ago our equipment was bought. Because if it has their name on it, they expect nothing short of optimal performance.
Saskatchewan Manitoba Degelman 1820 Side Arm side-arm 1800 used
Easy Maintainance

All driveline bearings and cross-joints are easy to service. Drivelines are in-line and designed for handling misalignment and therefore require less servicing. Parts are easily replaceable such as spindles that can be removed with just one bolt. The frame swivel points and wheel axle are sandwiched between two layers of low wear composite for smooth operation and easy maintenance.

​High Horsepower Gearboxes

Our gearboxes are made right here in Canada using a splined shaft design versus a keyway. The splined shaft increases the surface area of all contact points for increased strength, power transfer and life expectancy. To go even further, we use gearboxes with a 1:1 ratio - the maximum strength that can be extracted from a gearbox. 

High Carbon Shafting

We use cold-rolled, high carbon hex shafting for maximum torque transmission. To increase the ease of maintenance, we designed the shafting and the bearings as one sub-assembly. That means they're both contained in the same tray. If long term servicing is required, the entire bearing tray can be pulled out.